the sugar bowl

the sentinel stories
Alternate Universe
Jim and Blair and um. An alternate universe. You’ll just have to trust me on that.brick
In Blair’s version, both of them got their asses kicked before the cops finally showed. How Blair met Roy Williams.cold snap
“We’re not huddling for warmth anymore, are we?”Curiously Strong
Jim and Blair and the kitchen table. The missing scene from Bone’s Territorial Imperative 4, which can be found with her other amazing stories at theHomeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen.

Fair Trade
Set post ‘The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg’. Jim and Blair lose it, and then get it back.

Heavy Petting
Blair gets a dog, Jim gets a clue.

Last Legs
Jim ponders mortality and solitude. Blair considers buying a bed.

net worth
Most household arguments revolve around money.

Blair dates a lot of girls. Jim finds some incriminating photographs. That’s about it, really.

Snow Job
Jim and Blair and a rash of “accidental” deaths at the Timberlands Ski Lodge.

Some Enchanted Leavening
Jim and Blair find that a little sacred yeast goes a long way.

Testing, Testing
Jim and Blair get experimental.

Urban Subcultures
It’s a crossover! It’s an alternate universe story! It’s a dessert topping!
The And How series:

Cold Sweat
Jim’s nightmares are keeping Blair up.

Slow Burn
Jim and Blair head for the hills to sort things out, but a chance meeting with a loving couple leaves them both in a funk. A sequel to Cold Sweat.

Paternity Suite
Jim, Blair and a whole lot of pillow talk. A sequel to Slow Burn.

Think Pink
Jim, Blair and a pink Lincoln. Well, indirectly. A sequel to Paternity Suite.

Spare Tire
Jim, Blair and a reason to do sit-ups. A sequel to Think Pink.

Breakfast of Champions
Jim and Blair share a couch. A sequel to Spare Tire.

Snipe Hunt
You know how much you hate it when writers can’t get their acts together, and they go ahead and post a work in progress, probably never to finish it? Well, here’s that fabled sequel to Breakfast of Champions. Part of it, anyway.

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