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Two days later, they crowded into Daniel’s office to bring him cupcakes, courtesy of Cassandra.snowballs, chance
I hope you’ve read the Pullman books, man.


“Are there other Earth holidays that involve the setting of boobytraps?”

the war works hard
Really, Daniel wondered that they hadn’t run across more orphans in the galaxy.

Sometimes you just want to feel pretty.

“I had a decidedly non-standard conversation with Daniel Jackson earlier today.”


sports bra
It’s hard to get out of a sports bra in a sexy way. (See also: support)


SG-1/slashThe 60th Loop of Kon Garat
Jack and Daniel win the Showcase Showdown.

First Impressions
Meanwhile, the tree beings were waving something that looked for all the world like a bar of Ivory soap over Daniel’s head.

“A little gloomy, don’t you think?”

“So you’re saying that whenever you’re sure you’re about to die, which is oh, twice a week for us, you’re thinking about late fees?”

“Well, not you you,” he clarified. “Alternate Universe You.”

The Last Place on Earth
Locking the rented Cherokee’s door, Jack could picture shabby little wooden houses between the railroad tracks and the flat, brown bay, but Yaquina, Oregon had definitely seen better days.

drabbles::Candy Mountain::cup and sword::divorce is final::hug retrospective::necktie::pining::support::team spirit::three pairs of socks::


Then he went wide-eyed and made a startled little hop, arching his back and saying, “What the hell—Oh, perfect. The roof is leaking!”

contemporary wushu
Bra’tac as Tau’ri folk hero. (For the choc fic challenge.)

I’m the first in line
“Huh,” said John. The other John. (A “choose your own adventure!” remix of chopchica’s Take a Chance on Me for the gateverse remix challenge.)

McKay’s Metaphysics
“Rodney, do you think there is a God?” For slodwick’s A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words challenge.

Paper Moon
The theater was not unlike ones he’d seen on Earth for summer stock productions of Shakespeare in the Park. (See also: ghi-fish in klur sauce)

Rodney McKay and laser beams of Lesbos.


A: fair and strange
McKay’s hands.

B: a favorite haiku
You are the bell.

C: the present hour
Forget the past and live the present hour. (OT4 for the choc fic challenge.)

I: Rodney and Cadman Go Down
That man is worthless who knows how to receive a favor, but not how to return one.

II: Rodney and Cadman Get It On
And then he’d thought maybe Sheppard was pissed at him for compromising one of his officers, or pissed at her for being… really, really hot when she should have been a cool-eyed death-dealing killing machine.


III: 400%
He had plenty of impressions of the Nez’re-al compound, but as most of them involved a moaning, writhing lieutenant and a kneeling, naked astrophysicist, John had to devote a fair amount of self-control to not letting his eyes so much as flicker their way.

…and the green sea
Team Sheppard at the seaside. For The SummerCon Zine.

a stirring tale of manly fortitude
“I’m clearly dying,” he snapped.

Clouds, Shy Squares and Diophantus
“I want my pencil back.”

“Oh, please. That’s pure confabulation! Nothing like that, nothing even remotely like that, ever happened.”

four boots, five thousand two hundred and eighty feet
“So what you’re saying is, learning to love yourself really is the greatest love of all!”

i. inhale
Smoking is bad, mmmmkay?

ii. exhale
Much better than a nicotine patch.

My Fair Linguist
The guy probably couldn’t pick out a full glottal stop in a police lineup, and he was insulting Rodney’s pronunciation? (100% pure crack for the sga_flashfic Harlequin challenge.)

Rodney needs glasses; things come into focus for John. (summary by app1e_pi) (See also: boys who wear glasses)

The Protection Racket
He found the ad in miscellaneous: Any Job. Sliding scale.

drabbles::10 Downing Street::boys who wear glasses::ghi-fish in klur sauce::fola::hop, skip, jump::hunt::leather pants::mammals::peep::she was an army brat::Shinto Death Cults:: snow cake::Superman::walk-off::wine red wool::



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