the cult hits

under the tree since 2003

the shot glass

Century Hotel::best man
You know what I don’t understand, though, is why you brought her along. 

The Dark Is Rising::alignment The pub was smoky, dark and crowded but Bran glimmered at the bar like the moon on dark water. 

Farmer Boy/Laura Ingalls Wilder::ice house
“It’s only a scandal if someone finds out,” he said reasonably.

Generation X::carbon dating
I’ve lost the thread of Dag’s conversational foray and I’m pissing him off.

Get Real::Great Expectations
“Your lips are getting blue,” Stephen observed.

Hard Core Logo

::Your Theoretical Heaven
Joe balked at rehab, so Billy borrowed Pruitt’s house on Ferris Beach.

::sucker’s bet
No way was he drunk enough to actually do this.

Harry Potter drabbles::fraternity::fresh::recruiting::together alone

Henry Fool::Feeling
But sometimes he wanted to feel something, more than the motion of his own body, more than the spinning of the world.


::Alexander The Great
“I came for a beer. I hear they like to serve it in bars.”

::desolation angel
Technically, he lives in Arizona, but it’s an easy drive to Vegas.

::lounge act
“I’m a sucker for historical romance.”

urban subcultures 

distaff sentinel au: come for the highlander threeway!

Inception::absinthe Arthur meets Eames for the first time. In Orlando, Florida.

Invisible Man::Bobby Hobbes Fishes From the Company Pier
The nose knows, my friend. The nose knows.

Lord of the Rings::cheer
“Have my smiles been so hard on you?”

Queer As Folk UK

::Alexander The Great
“I came for a beer. I hear they like to serve it in bars.”

::jonny quest
And ah– this certainly wasn’t Race Bannon.

Stuart Alan Jones in 2018

The Secret History::Artemis, Apollo, Orion
There was something cold and mechanical about Henry, and yet he’d never frightened her, as Charles had.

Sherlock::everything unknown appears magnificent
John, Mary and mad eugenic cults: a riff on The Red-Headed league, post-return

The shoes are handmade, the leather as thin and tough as the leaves, the soles slick as glass.

Hosted Cupcakes::A few orphans I’m housing for friends.

Generation X::Exploding Supermarkets
A little litslash from Katherine F. The scene I would have like to have written.

Get Real::Reunion
Bone has written us a story set ten years after the events of the film. Love and longing long delayed.

the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs