the salt cellar

the x-files
Walter Skinner and Melvin Frohike weren’t drafted. In a coffee shop in Maryland, they fight the same war in very different ways. Set pre-XF, circa 1973.Darker with the Lights On
Mulder tells Krycek about another one-armed man. Set post-Sleepless.Fortune’s Fool
Scully goes to Mulder’s apartment to apologize and finds him on the couch with the gun to his head… A post-Gethesmane vignette.

Scully’s growing tumor causes blindness.

Scully has her reasons, and Mulder has his.

Non Sequitur
Mulder jumps to a nasty conclusion during a triple feature at the Star Lite Drive-In in Oklahoma. A sort of preface to “Demons”.

Other People
Pam Driscoll and the longest day.

An extended mood piece concerning the cancer arc, mule trains and pictures no one took. My first fanfic effort.

The Sad Ballad of Mary Sue’s Blues
Wish fulfilment and You, understood.

something faithful and mad
A missing scene from Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.



A Man in Uniform
Scully considers Mulder in a delicate condition.

A proposal that has nothing to do with weddings.

A treat for a hospital stay.

DeClenche’s Rule
Frohike’s hand.

A sleepless Scully stops by Mulder’s apartment to ask for hints from the master insomniac himself.


January Sun
written with Justin Glasser Rumors of psychic ability lead Mulder and Scully to Bent, North Carolina to investigate a string of murders. Once there, they come to rely on an unexpected source: Walter Skinner.

Goblin Market
(written with the supreme Punk Maneuverability) Mulder, Scully and Special Agent Alex Krycek investigate a sixteen year old girl in relation to a group of children dead of improbable medical causes outside of D.C.


So true a fool is love that in your will,/Though you do anything, he thinks no ill.

Mulder and a mnemonic device.

Here and Now
Mulder shares his thoughts. A companion piece to Te’s Here and Then.

Lavender and Lye
Mulder and Alex play a game.

On The Make
A snippet of a stake out.

Krycek shares his lunch, but Mulder’s still hungry.

Pilot V-Ball, Extra Fine
The future is written on the palm of your hand.

Small Hours
Mulder, Krycek and longing in the dead of night.

Krycek’s almost candid, and Mulder’s nearly friendly. Or not.

Swan Addendum
Krycek is shown the door.

What Was Owed
Krycek has his pride. A companion piece to Te’s Shameless. *Violence.*

Krycek muses, Mulder skates.
Palimpsest::Mulder, Krycek and an unfinished series.

In the trunk of a Plymouth in Memphis… things happen.

Mulder has the opportunity to question Krycek about their apparent abduction and confinement in a car trunk.

Krycek visits more than Mulder’s thoughts.


93,000,000 Miles
Mulder, Skinner and the darkness of memory.

The Weekenders
Mulder orders his dessert to go. Co-written with JiM.
Three Piece Suit

Skinner interrupts a long dark teatime of the soul. Relief
Mulder wakes up in an empty bed. A sequel to Solace.

When will you be home?

An Uninvited Guest
John Fitzgerald Byers gets an unexpected visit from one Alex Krycek.

Langly in a scrape, Byers with a first aid kit on hand.

Byers relives a moment of his past.

Family Man
Frohike recalls a time before Byers.


The Hosiery of Love
Agent Pendrell lives… and everybody wants a piece of the action.

Mulder and Scully investigate a string of petnappings in Canoga, California.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

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