the cult hits

the shot glass
Century Hotel::best man
You know what I don’t understand, though, is why you brought her along.
That night she dreamt of stars.
The Dark Is Rising::alignment
The pub was smoky, dark and crowded but Bran glimmered at the bar like the moon on dark water.
Farmer Boy/Laura Ingalls Wilder::ice house
“It’s only a scandal if someone finds out,” he said reasonably.Generation X::carbon dating
I’ve lost the thread of Dag’s conversational foray and I’m pissing him off.


Get Real::Great Expectations
“Your lips are getting blue,” Stephen observed.

Hard Core Logo::Your Theoretical Heaven
Joe balked at rehab, so Billy borrowed Pruitt’s house on Ferris Beach.

Hard Core Logo::sucker’s bet
No way was he drunk enough to actually do this.

Harry Potter drabbles::fraternity::fresh::recruiting::together alone

Henry Fool::Feeling
But sometimes he wanted to feel something, more than the motion of his own body, more than the spinning of the world.

Highlander::lounge act
“I’m a sucker for historical romance.”

Highlander::desolation angel
Technically, he lives in Arizona, but it’s an easy drive to Vegas.

Invisible Man::Bobby Hobbes Fishes From the Company Pier
The nose knows, my friend. The nose knows.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell::Clangs His Funeral Bell
After what seemed like many hours, the gentleman danced Stephen into a tall, thronelike chair and pushed a silver goblet of bitter wine into his hand. Written for threerings in the Yuletide 2006 Challenge.

Lord of the Rings::cheer
“Have my smiles been so hard on you?”

Queer As Folk UK/Highlander::Alexander The Great
“I came for a beer. I hear they like to serve it in bars.”

Queer As Folk UK::jonny quest
And ah– this certainly wasn’t Race Bannon.

Queer As Folk UK::Oceania
‘Statistically 99% of all men will cheat on their spouse during their marriage.’

The Secret History::Artemis, Apollo, Orion
There was something cold and mechanical about Henry, and yet he’d never frightened her, as Charles had.

The shoes are handmade, the leather as thin and tough as the leaves, the soles slick as glass.

Wonder Falls::nice things
How could any of this have happened without so much as a single pair of shoplifted baby booties?

Hosted Cupcakes::A few orphans I’m housing for friends.

Generation X::Exploding Supermarkets
A little litslash from Katherine F. The scene I would have like to have written.

Get Real::Reunion
Bone has written us a story set ten years after the events of the film. Love and longing long delayed.
Original Fiction::Mr. Patel’s Moral Compass
Omar kept his back to her, studying the mantel over the white brick fireplace. Saraswati had arranged her awful hand-sized monkey sculptures there in a stooping, knobby bronze panorama of bared teeth and leering aggression.

She tossed a fringed pillow at him. It chafed against his cheek like a red brocade kiss.

“I know you hate them.”

“That’s why you bought them,” he reminded her.

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